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Check out all of my links , holidays, and more information. I will update you with all of my work and events . Thank you for your support !!

Holidays that I created-

National Selfie Day

National BBQ Day

National Brisket Day

National Chicken Fried Steak Day

National Rum Day

National Video Game Day

National Vodka Week

National #LOVE Day

National Cowgirl Day

National Hip Hop Day

National Rap Music Day

National Motorcycle Week

National Poker Day

National Hamburger Day

National Food Truck Day

DJ Rick




 National Selfie Day

I've created several holidays since  2014. My biggest holiday is National Selfie Day. My creations can be found on the national holiday calendar, Brownielocks .  I have video and articles in the links below .


Need a DJ ?

If you need a DJ for parties, events and weddings, contact me ! I do  events all over the DFW metroplex . Contact me for rates . It's always good to spin music ! Click the link below . TLT Entertainment DJ Service


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