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I've won several awards over the years in my career. I'm more than thankful for all of them !  Thanks to the fans for the support . Because of you, I am who I am. 

Radio Awards

Best Interview 2010

Fishbowl Radio Network

Oct 2010

Male Host Of The Year

Fishbowl Radio Network 

Oct 2017

Show Of The Year

Fishbowl Radio Network

Oct 2021

TV Awards

Fishbowl  Television Award

2013 Producer and Director

I've  won show of the month almost every year since 2010. Also, I won "Community Active Host Of The Year " That one is about doing community service in the DFW area. I'm very proud of that award. 

The awards are determined by the listeners. These are NOT internal awards, but the people vote and you are heard !! It's a big deal to know that many people support your dream. Thanks !

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