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About Me


Who is DJ Rick ?

Hello. Thank you for visiting my page.  A few things about me:

I am a radio DJ. I've worked for the Fishbowl Radio Network in Arlington TX for over 11 years .  I started my show, Alley Rally on July 15 2010.  

I'm also an actor . I've done TV shows, movies and commercials both local and national. 

As of 2009, I'm also a producer and a director. My first TV show, Hot Grills Of Texas , was a production for TV Azteca Dallas channel 55 for over two years.  The show is about Texas BBQ and local foods. 

AND........... I'm also the creator of national holidays . My biggest one is National Selfie Day. Follow my links to see all of my holidays on the links provided.


Radio Show

You can listen to my show every WEDNESDAY @ 1pm

Oct 2021 my show was voted and awarded -

" Show Of The YEAR " by the fans of Fishbowl Radio.

Hear me LIVE-


                          TV Show


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